Obama. More Than a Centrist

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I want to write this quickly before the election results are in on this Tuesday November 4, 2008.


As much as my conservative earnings (that has to be a Freudian slip) yearnings wanted to find a way to get behind Senator McCain, I have voted for Obama. Why?


Mostly because McCain’s campaign in total seems like too little too late, behind the curve, over the hill. Not knowing all the operatives, my feeling is that he didn’t have the right players around him, but that is exactly the point -  especially when you’re the captain of the team as well as the star. From slip-shod policy pronouncements to a total ineptitude to speechify those very ideas, Senator McCain simply wasn’t able (at this time) to ‘get the thing done’.


Senator Obama on the other hand has shown what I think should give most of us, even those of us from the other side, a level of comfort if not hope. He has shown a sharp propensity to gather talent, disparate talent to his side. Far from the usual political bandwagon approach to load up with cronies, Obama seems that he will employ the same intelligence and respect for his own goals which allowed him to avoid falling prey to the call to cow to the stock, hopelessly outdated and unwanted black militantism which came knocking on his door both when he was president of the Harvard Law Review and when he first ran for political office.


My feel is that given that respect for what he [Obama] wants to accomplish, the Senator will more than balance the extremes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Even if it requires changing his mind, or postponing the popular play for immediate gratification or slapping the greedy fingers of those more partisan in his own party, I believe that Obama has more than a desire to act centrist when he gets to office, and more of a vision for his presidency than a mimicry of Bill Clinton’s first term. No, Senator Obama believes that “he” as president can accomplish huge things in the vain of Johnson’s “Great Society”. And I believe he’s smart enough to know the only way to do that is to bring talent to the cause that will balance hope and possibility with responsibility and reality. So I am hoping.

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Obama. More Than a Centrist

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This article was published on 2010/01/27
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