How To Impeach President Obama!

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They say that paybacks are a bear and if you recall there was quite a bit of talk from Democrats during the Bush Administration to institute a plan to impeach him from office. Perhaps, this was a payback from the Clinton Administration over the Lewinski "Headgate" scandal? Either way, the opposition party is there to oppose and if President Obama is elected there will be people who immediately call for his impeachment as soon as the first crisis develops.

And we know from experience that a crisis will erupt even if that crisis is contrived and media driven. Live by the media, die by the media, after all it was the media that got President Obama elected. Not long ago a gentleman, engineer, stated to me that he was mentally preparing himself for a "President Obama" and he was extremely concerned the direction that the nation might be leaning. He was a historian type and had served our nation and was quite concerned.

If Obama is elected by the blinded manipulated masses, how can we right this wrong? Well, a plan will be developed on how to Impeach President Obama, which ought to be much easier than it looks, in fact he has already laid the ground work for his own undoing. Whether that undoing will come before the Democratic Nomination, During the General Election or after the election, it will occur.

It is practically written and Barack Obama is in way over his head and his handlers know it, can they divert incoming political attacks or character assassinations from bombarding his Presidency? Perhaps for a while, but as the negative media grows and his approval ratings fall, President Obama will be ripe for the plucking and this is why those who oppose him are planning his impeachment. And that's politics folks, proud of yourselves humans?

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How To Impeach President Obama!

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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