As Our Nation Teeters, My Guitar Weeps Ungently

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"Beast on the Wing" Reprise

Long before Barack Obama retired his own special "seal" for the official presidential one, I have been warning my fellow citizens about this man. Once he assumed office on the auspices of a decidedly derelict electorate, I continued to monitor his mischief and report accordingly. Thus far, none of it has amounted to anything, and our country continues to recede behind lines none of us ever dreamed even existed.

All of our lives -- those of us among the living -- have previously been defined by a vision of America as the greatest nation on Earth. Now we see small, poor nations we once pitied thumbing their noses at us.

Part of the reason that Barack Hussein Obama now sits with his shoes propped up cavalierly on the Resolute Desk is the Democrats' engineering of the fiscal crisis of 2008, when the housing bubble -- that many economists warned about in vain -- burst, leaving President Bush with egg on his face and candidate John McCain relegated to the ash heap of history.

With a media reticent to report the true timeline and causation of this financial meltdown, Obama was seen as the candidate America has been pining for but always afraid to try; our first black president, just so we could finally say that we did.  So...we did, and now we're sorry, but we can't take it back. And the problem now lies in the shame of the choice and the humiliation of the requisite admission, so people duck and cover and hope for the best.

Sorry kids, that is simply not going to cut it anymore.

In 2009, I wrote The Beast on the Wing, an article eight months into the president's administration, but one chronicling the vindication of my pre-election position on the man. In it, I compared myself to the character played by first William Shatner and later Jon Lithgow about a man forced by his job to fly despite an intense terror of doing so. In the story, the man sees -- in mid-flight and in a storm -- a strange creature tearing at the structure of the aircraft.

I wrote that Obama was that creature, tearing at the very structure of America, and how I hoped we'd land safely by the time he was done. He was far from done, and thankfully, unlike the character in the story, I was not sedated, so I followed up with An Empire in Peril  , which reiterated the dangers of this administration. That article was written in February of 2010.

It's now a year-and-a-half beyond that writing, and we continue to suffer the wages of Obama's deeds. We now have Operation Fast and Furious, about which our press is last and incurious, and now, amidst the latest jobs report -- in which the unemployment rate remains at 9.1% -- we have our Department of Justice (DOJ) conducting raids on a guitar factory, at a time when our citizens are being massacred by foreigners using our own weapons.


Ebony Wood from India

It appears that this administration is more concerned with the origin of the lumber used on fret boards by Gibson Guitar, Inc than it is with protecting Americans from marauding Mexicans on our Southern border. Perhaps more disturbing is the notion that the DOJ and the Administration are contemplating compliance with Indian law as more important than our own laws, and that Gibson could avoid prosecution by accepting shipments of wood processed overseas and then shipped here.

Get it? The DOJ and the Obama administration want Gibson to comply with the law by letting people in India perform the work. Are you listening, SEIU? While this country struggles to regain its financial footing, Obama and his cronies remain creative in finding ways to weaken us and impoverish us, even as they push our jobs off shore, all in the name of "the law".

Funny, then, how our immigration laws are flouted across the country while our own liberties are diminished. Sad how the federal government files suit against its own member states. And terrifying how it is all but ignored by a press that was once touted as the beacon of freedom in the world.

And to think, Woodward and Bernstein are still alive, at least physically.

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As Our Nation Teeters, My Guitar Weeps Ungently

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This article was published on 2011/09/04
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